Tempest Products

Head Italia S.p.A. is one of the very few Italian companies to which the "National Security Authority" has granted authorization for the sale of "Tempest" classified products (personal computers, printers, monitors, servers, network devices, etc.) of level A, B and C NATO approved for National use as well.

We supply, install and maintain TEMPEST peripherals for users handling classified information *, through its TEMPEST certified NATIONAL Laboratory.

Certify and perform measurements on existing peripherals

Provide services related to its own TEMPEST National Laboratory

* Head Italia exclusively represents Eurotempest (http://www.eurotempest.nl/) Dutch company whose TEMPEST products are used in EU and NATO in over 20 countries, and which, thanks to our presence and role, can be also authorized for national use. The peripherals that can be supplied certified Level A, B or C include PC, AllInOne, Laptop, power strips but are not limited to these as with Eurotempest we are able to modify and certify any type of computer and network equipment that is necessary, from switches to NAS etc.

Tempest Products